Monday, June 28, 2010

Sister, sister

Hi Dolls,
I was going to post the makeup that I did for the Mother of the Bride and her sisters but I think those pictures were somehow deleted. I'm so sad about that. =(
So today I am going to post pictures were I did makeup for 2 sisters. Both of the girls look so much alike, they could pass for twins!

Products used all MAC unless otherwise stated:
Embark for brows
Painterly Pain Pot as base
Vanilla as a highlight
Hepcat in the crease
Sketch in the outer corner and lower lash line
Girlie on the lid
Ardell false lashes in #105
MAC NC30 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Dainty Dollymix Blush
Makeup set with Fix Plus
Whirl Lip Pencil
Syrup Lipstick

I really like how the mixture of Hepcat, Girlie, and Sketch came out together. They all blended smoothly. I love using Sketch for the outer corner and lower lash line. Sketch is definitely a staple color. It goes great with pinks, purples, browns, blacks and just about every color you can name hehe!

Embark for brows
Painterly Paint Pot as base
Ricepaper as a highlight
Texture in the crease
Honey Lust on the lid
Graphology on outer corner and lower lash line
Ardell False Lashes #105
MAC NC 30 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Warm Soul Mineralized Blush
Gingerly Lip Pencil
Instant Gold Lipglass

I think Texture definitely was the key color in this look. Texture is also another staple. You can place Texture in your crease, and also place between your crease and brow bone highlight to make your colors transition smoothly. Both of the girls were very happy with their looks and I think they came out so pretty!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bridal Makeup

Hi Dolls! Today's post will be on Bridal Makeup. Here is a look that I created for a bride a while back. She wanted a very natural look and a pretty pink lip. We discussed the look she wanted and we went with browns and a slight shimmer to open up her eyes.

The products used all MAC unless otherwise stated:
Embark to fill in brows
Painterly Paint Pot to prime eye lids
Vanilla as a highlight and on the lid
Cork and Brun in the crease
Nylon inner corners
Teddy Eye Kohl
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black
Avon liquid foundation
Pink Swoon blush
Whirl lip pencil
Viva Glam Special edition lipglass

It was an honor to do the Bride's makeup on her big day and she looked stunning. Stay tuned to see the looks that I created for The Mother of The Bride and her sisters!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Hair Tip

Hi Dolls!
Today's post will be on how to minimize split ends. With summer in session, my ends usually are split and bone dry and I usually wear my hair in a bun or curled to disguise my split ends. My last haircut was in April and I told my hair stylist that I really needed something to help my ends because they get so dry in the summer. She suggested using olive oil or a hair serum and apply it to my ends when my hair was went. I started using what I already had which is Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. I focus it on the ends of my hair and massage it and then proceed with spraying Tresemme's Heat Taming Spray. I did a posting about both products titled "Old Faithfuls" and they have done right by me since day 1 lol!

Since I've been using the serum on my ends when wet, I definitely notice a difference with my ends. They don't look bad at all! If you really want to kick things up a notch, you can apply the serum in the morning and before bed at night. I like to alternate that method about every other day and I'm happy with the results. I hope you all find this helpful. Since summer is here and you want to protect your tresses, please don't forget to wear Sun Block as well!

I did mention that Paul Mitchell is carried at JC Penny's salons but the salons I've been to here in Arizona do carry the line. Please call and check prior to making a trip to JC Penny's to pick up anything from Paul Mitchell. You can also check at Ulta which is where I picked up the serum from. I hope everyone is enjoying summer!

Here is a video I did :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Old Hollywood Glamour

Hi! Today will be a quick post will on an Old Hollywood Glamour inspired look. Don't you love the classic red lip? I do! Christina Aguliera and Gwen Stefani really know how to rock The Red Lips and they remind me of classic Hollywood stars a la Marilyn Monroe.

Here's what I used (all MAC unless otherwise stated)
Painterly Paintpot
Vanilla eyeshadow as a highlight
Cork and Wedge eye shadows in the crease
Vanilla eyeshadow on the lid
Blacktrack fluidline
Ardell #109 false lashes
Pink Swoon blush
Brick lip pencil
Russian Red lipstick
Clear gloss

I hope you enjoy this look! Stay tuned!!! <3

FTC Disclosure* Products mentioned were purchased by me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The transformation of Makeup

Hi Dolls,
I want to share another picture of my client Sylvia. If you scroll down to the previous blog entry, you will see that Sylvia is in the picture. She looks completely different, right? I love what makeup can do! You can completely transform someone into looking and feeling totally different! A different texture, color and placement of the makeup application can make you do a double take. A new approach can work wonders.

Sylvia was going to a birthday party and allowed me to suprise her with whatever look I wanted. I decided on a subtle smokey eye with falsies and natural looking lips. This time, the application techniques I used were different compared to the first picture of Sylvia. I decided to use a different type of foundation, contoured her face, used different false lashes and kept her lips as natural as possible.

Here's what I used:
Embark eyeshadow for brows
Nylon on the lid
Copperplate and Carbon in the crease applied with a MAC #224 working passed her eyes
Vanilla as the highlight
Ardell lashes #105
Blacktrack Fluidline
A Marykay cream foundation in #400 buffed with a #109 and stippled with a #187
Blunt blush for a contour
Azalea blush
Bobbi Brown Peach concealer
Vaseline and Gingeroot lip pencil

I think Sylvia looks different in the picture because I worked the eye shadows passed her eyes all the way to her outer crease and buffed and stippled her foundation leaving a different glow look to her skin. In the end, Sylvia was very happy with her look and had a great time at the party. The transformation of makeup is incredible and it's all about being creative and taking chances! Til next time, Dolls!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Hi Dolls,
I'm back with another post and things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. For a few months, I had been saving up for things I wanted from MAC Pro and To The Beach Collection. After this hual, I don't think I will be hauling for a while lol.

I also want to show an older picture of a client that I had worked on for a wedding. She wanted a very natural look with black eyeliner, falsies, natural lips and blush. I can't remember all the products I used on her but I did use Blacktrack fluidline by MAC, Rice Paper as a highlight, Azalea blush, and an NYX lipgloss. The camera barely picked up any blush but she looked gorgeous. I also helped her with her hair too. :)

Ok Dolls, last year I made two Youtube videos and then I stopped but now I'm back and I look forward to making more and I hope you all enjoy them! You can find me on Youtube at

Here is the list of what I bought from MAC Pro online:
Devil Blush
Rhubard Blush
Dirty Plum Blush
Fresh Green Mix Mineralize Eyeshadow
Genuine Orange Pigment
Genuine Orange Paintstick
Neon Orange Lipstick
Peachstock Lipstick
Faux Lipstick
Pink Poodle Lipglass
Lovechild Lipglass
Red Brick Eyeshadow

In this picture:
#134 brush
#150 brush
Fresh Green Mix Mineralize Eyeshadow
Red Brick Eyeshadow
Genuine Orange Paintstick
Genuine Orange Pigment
I heard great things about the #134 brush and can't wait to use it. I forget I had it but I have a short handle #150 brush that is all pink that I bought from a MAC class offered at Nordstrom back in 2004. It's still in perfect condition andI really do believe in investing in brushes. Red Brick eyeshadow looks like it could be Brown Scripts sister to me and I bought Genuine Orange Paintstick because it's great to use the tiniest amount on your ring finger and dab underneath your eyes for dark circles.
Here are the swatches:

In this picture:
Peachstock Lipstick
Neon Orange Lipstick
Faux Lipstick
Pink Poodle Lipglass
Love Child Lipglass
I was inpspired to get Neon Orange because of Lady Gaga. Her makeup is definitely cutting edge and I want to challenge myself with a lippie that I normally would not wear. I love her makeup! I bought Faux again because it's great to mix with other lippies or even on it's own. For me, it's what I call a "Mix Master" lol. I feel like I have a special bond with Pink Poodle Lipglass becuase I wore it all the time when I was a Senior in High School and I even wore it to my Senior Prom. Go Class of 2004! Buying Pink Poodle definitely brings back memories.

Here are the swatches:

I forgot to take a picture of the products but I did swatch them. In this picture:
Devil Blush
Rhubarb Blush
Dirty Plum Blush

Here's what I got from To The Beach:

Lazy Day Lipstick
Thrills Lipstick
Splashing Lipglass
Sweet and Punchy Eyeshadow
Firecrack Eyeshadow
Sand and Sun Eyeshadow
I'm in LOVE with Sweet and Punchy! It's so different and vibrant.
Here are the swatches:

In this picture:

Hipness Blush
Marine Life Highlight
Refined Golden Bronzing Powder

Here are the swatches:

A silly picture of yours truly :P

Til next time Dolls! xoxo

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased the products featured on this post on my own.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi Dolls!
I want to give you all an update with what's been going on with me. I recently moved and I'm still in the process of unpacking and trying to settle into my new home. Once things are more situated at home and I have the Internet, I will continue to do postings. I've been coming to my Nana's (Grandma) house to use the Internet lol.

Since the move, I've realized I have collected quite a few makeup books and magazine clippings for inspiration and I've gathered ideas for makeup looks that I plan to share with you all. The more my passion for makeup has increased, I've found inspiration anywhere. As crazy as this may sound, I founded inspiration from the street, literally the street lol. I noticed there was a pretty grey, navy blue, a hint of purple and black were the colors I seen. Doable, right? I think so!

I'm also inspired by RuPaul's new book Workin' It! His makeup is flawless and beautiful. I love, love, love how RuPaul's face is perfectly contoured it's gorgeous. Last but certainly not least, I've been inspired by my Alice in Wonderland poster. It's the poster where Johnny Depp has his hat and all you see are bright and beautiful colors. In case anyone is wondering where I got the poster from, I purchased it from Walmart for only $5! So with the craziness of moving, unpacking, shopping for necessities, I've found inspiration in places I never thought I would. I cannot wait to start blogging more. Take care, Dolls! Thank you for sticking with me. :)