Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi Dolls!
I want to give you all an update with what's been going on with me. I recently moved and I'm still in the process of unpacking and trying to settle into my new home. Once things are more situated at home and I have the Internet, I will continue to do postings. I've been coming to my Nana's (Grandma) house to use the Internet lol.

Since the move, I've realized I have collected quite a few makeup books and magazine clippings for inspiration and I've gathered ideas for makeup looks that I plan to share with you all. The more my passion for makeup has increased, I've found inspiration anywhere. As crazy as this may sound, I founded inspiration from the street, literally the street lol. I noticed there was a pretty grey, navy blue, a hint of purple and black were the colors I seen. Doable, right? I think so!

I'm also inspired by RuPaul's new book Workin' It! His makeup is flawless and beautiful. I love, love, love how RuPaul's face is perfectly contoured it's gorgeous. Last but certainly not least, I've been inspired by my Alice in Wonderland poster. It's the poster where Johnny Depp has his hat and all you see are bright and beautiful colors. In case anyone is wondering where I got the poster from, I purchased it from Walmart for only $5! So with the craziness of moving, unpacking, shopping for necessities, I've found inspiration in places I never thought I would. I cannot wait to start blogging more. Take care, Dolls! Thank you for sticking with me. :)